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What to Expect: Services

What to Expect

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Your first session is free of charge, and although it is more of an information-sharing time, it gives you the chance to meet me in person and decide whether you think I might be the right person for you.  

Although I will ask you for some basic details before we meet,  the first session gives me the chance to know more about you and what brings you to counselling at this time.  This is also an opportunity for you to find out more about me and the counselling process.

There is no obligation to continue after the first session.  You may want to go away and think about it, you may want to book another session at the end.  This is up to you.  If you choose to continue, I usually suggest that we review our work after 6 weeks.  You will have a better idea after this time whether you are noticing the benefits of the sessions, and we can then discuss where we go from there. 

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